DualDesk is available for immediate download.
Updates are always *free for non-customized versions
(Lite, Expert, Professional), Click HERE to download.

or download the latest BETA test version.

To view a list of changes, go here: http://www.dualdesk.com/Changes.txt

DualDesk Update / Re-install / Registering Instructions

Updating or Re-installing Version 20

To update DualDesk version 20 installations, stop all running DualDesk programs and simply install the new version over the old version. The existing registration information will be retained and continue to work unless you uninstalled the software or if you replaced your computer or operating system.

The latest version can be downloaded by using the "Check for Updates" feature
or downloaded manually at: http://www.dualdesk.com/files/dualdesk-setup.zip

If you will be creating customer modules from this workstation follow the instructions below. If you will only be using it as a technician station you do not need to register as a creator machine.

Most people build all of their customer modules  from one or two machines. Each workstation returns a unique installation code so perform these steps on each machine you will be registering to build customer module(s).

1 - Download the latest DualDesk package from: http://dualdesk.com/files/dualdesk-setup.zip

2 - Open the zip file.

3 - Run the DualDesk-Setup.exe inside the zip file.

4 - Open the DualDesk folder on your "Desktop" NOT the C:\program files\advantig\dualdesk folder.

5 - Run the "Create a Customer Module" program.

6 - Click the "Create Customer Module" button on the lower left side.(you can leave all fields blank or default).

7 - Write down the Installation Code

8 - Click the "Yes" button when asked of you want to register now and you will be taken to the on-line registration form or you can email the Installation code directly to:

After we receive your installation code we will create a registration name and registration key for that workstation
and email it to you.

Updating Version 19

If you are updating from DualDesk version 19, stop all running DualDesk programs and services and uninstall the DualDesk Proxy service, use the "Uninstall Proxy Service Icon". If you want to make a backup of your custom splash.bmp, copy it to another folder now.

Download the new version and and run the DualDesk-Setup.exe in the zip file. It will overwrite the old version. The registration key is retained from the previous installation and is compatible with the new version.

If you have a custom splash.bmp copy it from the backup folder back into the DualDesk folder
(default is C:\Program Files\Advantig\DualDesk)

Re-create your customer modules and replace your old customer modules with the new ones.

Updating Version 1 through Version 18

Version 19 is not compatible with earlier versions so you must first stop all DualDesk programs and services and uninstall the repeater service (Uninstall Repeater Service Icon) or if you have the DualDesk proxy, uninstall it instead (Uninstall Proxy Service Icon). If you want to make a backup, do it now (or rename the folder).

Download version 19 and run the DualDesk-Setup.exe in the zip file. By default, version 19 installs to a different folder than earlier versions, the new folder is: C:\Program Files\Advantig\DualDesk

After installing the software, run the Customer Module Creator and click the Create Module button. It will give you the Installation Code we will need to generate the Registration Key for that workstation.

if you are upgrading from version 18 Email the Installation code to DualDesk support and include the name of your company or attach the original invoice to expedite finding your order.

NOTE: The registration key is valid only for the machine with installation code you send us and is the only machine licensed to create customer modules. If you need to create customer modules from multiple machines you must have additional licenses.

You must create the support modules that you will distribute to your customers. They will be placed on your desktop in the "DualDesk\Customer Modules" folder.

To create the customer modules is simple. Click the "Create a customer module" icon in the DualDesk folder and enter the required address and option information in the customer module section (the right side of the window) and click the Create Module button. See the DualDesk Creator Manual for detailed information.

Copy the customer_<your-address>_<your-port>.exe files from the customer modules folder and replace your old customer modules with the new ones.

If your Repeater.exe or Proxy.exe files are on a different machine, you will also need to replace them with the Proxy.exe included with Version 19.

The Technican_WebViewer.exe is not what your customer uses, it is for use by your technicians at locations that do not have DualDesk installed and can be launched from your web site without installing any software.